A Mapleton Home with History / by Paul Weinrauch

Hi! I'm Lexus, Paul's assistant! Paul asked me to write this blog with his images that he photographed for Boulder County Home and Garden last year. Here I go....

Each of these photos hanging on this wall were discovered by the home owners that are currently living in this Boulder home. They discovered these century old photographs in the attic, while rummaging through stuff left from past owners. 

I remember walking into this room and thinking that that was a cool way to hang photos, and didn't really wonder where the photographs had come from. When my boss filled me in on their history, it was breathtaking! It felt like an exhibit in a museum. It makes me wonder about the background of the house, and the families that used to call it home. 

Aside from the buried treasure of old photographs left behind, this house is a beauty all on its own. The decor, the wood, the design of each room, it was gorgeous. 

This bed photo was a hard image to get. I remember having to hold up a huge grey sheet with the editor Carol for some of the shots to get rid of the reflection on the piece above the bed, we were just barely tall enough to hold it high enough

This was a hard shot (for me, the assistant), because the door way to the bathroom was barely big enough for the camera tripod to fit snugly, and I would have to maneuver my way past it without touching it so I could get in and out to move things and block light. 

Being part of this photo shoot with Paul, and Carol, the editor for Boulder County Home and Garden Magazine where these photos were published, was such a great experience. I really love the fact that we can explore some of these beautiful houses Boulder has to offer, and meet the wonderful people that call them home. I learn so much about commercial and architectural photography when I get to be an asset to shoots like these, and I am so grateful.

You can read the full story at: http://www.homeandgardenmag.com/ghosts-of-the-past/