My First Day On The Job / by Paul Weinrauch

I'm Lexus, Paul's assistant!

This beautiful and unique house was featured in Boulder County Home and Garden, and it also happened to be my very first time assisting my boss Paul with an architectural photo shoot.

I remember walking in and loving how cute this cozy place was! 

There is a real tree that grows through the middle of the kitchen, straight up through the floor and out the ceiling!

For this particular shot I was to the left just out of sight of the camera, on a chair, holding a giant white foam board blocking the light coming in from the windows, so that it wouldn't blow  out areas of the wall and kitchen.

I never knew all the behind the scenes that went into an architectural photo!

It also made me very nervous to carry in all of our lights and equipment for the shoot because of all the lovely (and breakable) things throughout the house! 


Such a beautiful and green little home. 

We pretty much rearranged this whole house for some of the shots we needed, and the owners ended up loving it so much they kept it the way we changed it! 

I couldn't even tell you how many little things went into this photo!

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