Hello, I'm Paul's assistant! / by Paul Weinrauch

My name is Lexus , and I'm Paul's assistant! I've been working for Paul for about a year now, and I have had the opportunity to be part of some really cool (and tiring) photo shoots. Here are some of the images that he photographed on a recent architecture shoot that I assisted him on.                                                               On the right you will see me standing on the roof of a snowy two story house, where I am blocking light with a huge board (that catches the wind very well I might add), you'd be surprised at some of the set ups and behind the scenes of his photographs!

Weinrauch Photography - Lexus Limmer

Weinrauch Photography - HAT - 001

This shot is actually one of my personal favorites!! We had to be set up before sunrise so that we could start photographing when that pretty blue sky was shining through the windows.

This was also a very, VERY early morning photo!

Weinrauch Photography - HAT - 002
Weinrauch Photography - HAT - 003

This was one of our last rooms to photograph, this job was two 14 hour days...I had to leave my house at 3:45am!! 

This bathroom was SO incredible!

I had to hold up these huge heavy white boards above my head for minutes on end to help with the light reflecting on the shower glass, and then I had to be photoshopped out!

Weinrauch Photography - HAT - 004

This was a pretty tough shot, with the color of the walls and all the light coming through the window, we had multiple strobes set up just out of view of the photo with cyan gels. 

Weinrauch Photography - HAT - 005

This gorgeous house was multiple floors, and me, the assistant (or gopher), I probably climbed all those stairs at least 200 times, and I'm not kidding! Up and down getting lights, moving equipment, staging things, I sure got my work out in. 

Paul and I actually have a lot of fun working together, we joke a lot, and the experience I have gained from watching him photograph and just being apart of these kinds of jobs have given me so much priceless knowledge! I also plan to be a photographer!

Weinrauch Photography - HAT - 006

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