Takin' Some Head Shots! / by Paul Weinrauch

Misty made creating a beautiful portrait easy! She is the event manager for Events Etc.

Hello, Lexus again! Here's a little blurb about my experience being part of a shoot for Paul for High Altitude Tennis doing head shots.

Can you guess where we are? We're in the middle of an indoor tennis court! Kind of crazy huh?

This is Brent! He is the lead tennis expert for High Altitude Tennis


We had a huge white seamless for the background on these shots, and even had a flash just behind the subject to light up the seamless, so it could be a white background. 

Another member of High Altitude Tennis 


Can you guess how many lights we had going? We had 2-3 profoto lights, and 2 q-flashes with umbrellas all at the same time! I never knew how technical head shots could be. 

Here are a few more head shots Paul has taken in the recent past, these however, don't have white backgrounds, so while they are still professional, they are in a more relaxed setting. 

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